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Your Nutrition Guide to More Energy and Brain Power

André Baumann via Udemy

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This course is for someone who wants to learn how to eat for optimal energy levels and brain performance. The course content is based on evidence-based guidelines on nutrition for health and cognitive performance.

My name is André Baumann and I have a master's degree in nutrition. I have helped hundreds of people with their nutrition for the past ten years. In my current position as a sports nutritionist at The Norwegian Olympic Sports Centre, I tailor diet plans for Olympic athletes. I have also worked as a personal trainer for almost ten years, helping both trained and untrained achieving their body goals.

The main take-aways from the course are:

  • What is in your food

  • When you should eat for optimal brain performance

  • How much you should eat per day and per meal

  • Different dietary supplements that are good for brain performance

  • What type of food you should eat

  • What you should drink

  • Top five tips for health and cognition

What is the course content?

Learn what is inside the food you eat every day!

  • What the micro- and macronutrients in the food you eat are

  • Why you need these macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates)

  • Your daily recommendations for micro- and macronutrients

  • Which food items you can find these different nutrients

How to estimate how much food you need per day!

  • The different ranges and recommendations of the macronutrients

  • Practical models, such as the plate model

  • Meal plan example

  • How much fruits and vegetables you need per day

What should you eat and drink throughout the day?

  • Is there anything such as YES or NO foods?

  • Definitions of quality food and drink

  • Type of food to sustain your energy

  • Different viable dietary supplements

When and how often should you eat during the day?

  • Meal frequency

  • Meal timing

  • Food and sleep quality and quantity

Plan your nutrition!

  • How to plan your meals

  • Shopping tips

  • How to prep food

  • How to store food

  • Examples of viable "quick-fixes"

This is the right course for you if you are interested in learning about nutrition for brain power and keeping your energy levels up!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who need focus and energy to perform well during look school days and exams

  • Office workers who need focus and energy to improve work-performance and effectivity

  • Those who want to learn more about nutrition for good health, energy, and brain performance

Who this course is for:

  • Students and employees who need improved energy levels and focus

Course Content

8 sections - 26 lectures - 59:21 total length

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André Baumann

  • 4 Instructor Rating
  • 16 Reviews
  • 82 Students

- I have a master's degree in nutrition from the University of Oslo

- I am working with nutrition at The Norwegian Olympic Sports Centre with Olympic level athletes since 2013

- I am a certified personal trainer since 2007

- I am the CEO of Gamers Performance

- I am a public speaker and have done hundreds of seminars