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The Top 10 Challenges of Scaling a Business

Bob Norton via Udemy

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So few companies reach $1 million and $10 million it is scary. Less than one in 1,600 will reach $10 million in sales. Yet the problems that stop them are always the same ones. This course reviews top issues and how to avoid them once you start growing.

Beating these odds will take great intellect, study, mentors, staff and effort. This course is designed to help you understand a few of the thousands (yes, literally) of challenges you will face over five or more years of building a company.

Few Entrepreneurs and CEOs can create a startup and also grow it to significant size because the skills needed are different. In fact you will see the 20 skills you need in the organization at any one time, and the 100 you will need to go from startup to large, mature company. Entrepreneurs must learn to "Shift Gears" or hire a “Professional CEO” or investors will generally force them out or aside. Here is a plan to prepare years in advance – and that is what it will take!

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, Managers and CEOs at startups, and small to medium size companies

Course Content

1 sections - 5 lectures - 51:20 total length

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Bob Norton

  • 3 Instructor Rating
  • 45 Reviews
  • 252 Students

       Mr. Robert Norton, President and CEO of AirTight Management trains CEOs, Executives and managers for higher performance in the best practices and systems for management and leadership. This is done with a combination of training, coaching and consulting to help clients become market leaders in their industry. AirTight has created unique and state-of-the-art courses and systems to start, grow and run companies for best results. 

       Mr. Norton founded his first company as CEO in 1989 after a decade as a software engineer, Director of Software Development and Vice President of Engineering who developed and launched many successful products. He grew two companies to over $100 million in annual sales. He has helped launch eight start-up companies and over 50 products. His experience spans all key disciplines needed to start, grow and exit businesses in several industries. He can provide a breath of experience and perspective across all disciplines that only experienced CEOs can. 

        - Speaker and author of four books on entrepreneurship and growing companies 

        - Creator of The CEO Boot Camp and other advanced management and leadership training programs for CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior executives 

        - Experience developing products and services and growing businesses of all sizes including startups, turnarounds and working in two multi-billion-dollar enterprises (International Thomson Organization and Grumman (now Northrop Grumman). 

        - CEO since 1989 with four startup launches. Two other startups in senior positions as Vice President and CTO and two in senior engineering positions for eight total. 

        - Expertise and proven success in all major disciplines including finance, P&L management, operations, sales, marketing, strategy, product development and business development. 

        - Founder HomeView (multimedia Realty Search Services). - Achieved $156 million annualized sales within 1 year of a new product launch with a 6-fold increase in sales productivity over industry averages.  Penetrated 72% of market in only 18 months. 

        - Generated over $1+ billion in total shareholder value (while at these companies). 

        -Drove sales from $0 to $100 million with 26% pretax profit in 5 years; added $35 million to revenue in a single year. 

        - Co-founder FIRST CALL Corporation. Developed FIRST CALL research distribution network, FIRST CALL Earnings Estimate product, VideoMunifacts and Portia portfolio management system. 

        - Launched more than 50 products and services that generate over $1 billion in annual sales today.