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The pain-free shoulder and rotator cuff course

David Grant via Udemy

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We are not supposed to sit for more than thirty minutes a day & it should be on the floor, not in a chair. We are also supposed to change our position every two minutes. When we sit, our butt muscles turn off and can't stabilize the spine, which in return places our shoulders in a compromised position. Does that mean we are in trouble and will always have pain? Not at all. We only need to learn our bodies and understand that our shoulders and hips are the engines that keep us stable and pain-free.

The human body is the most sophisticated machine built to date. The only problem is we never received the owner's manual to operate it correctly. I personally suffered from chronic shoulder pain in both shoulders, and I had very little success with the traditional "one size fits all" approach. This shoulder program is a combination of my undergraduate and master's education, personal experience, and over 20 years as a physio to multiple world-class athletes all over the world.

The bigger the disaster your shoulder is the better. You are built to spec, and your shoulder pain is most likely 100% your fault. However, that also means you can take control and own 100% of the results. By reframing blame and pain, you create a new relationship that empowers you to become better and teaches you the tools to become and STAY pain-free. Einstein said it best "Don't keep doing the same thing and expect different results. That is the definition of insanity."

As a bonus, I have included my lifestyle portion too. Fixing the shoulder is only one part of the solution. Let's focus on lifestyle changes/optimizations that will prime your body and decrease the wear and tear. That makes you even more UNBREAKABLE!

The Lifestyle Portion Includes:

1. My Cold Shower Routine - Your New Warm Friend

2. The Breath Better Module - Optimize your Diaphragm Breathing

3. Take Some Time For Yourself - My Quick Personal Meditation Practice

4. Sleep Boost - Not All Sleep is the Same

5. Water Boost & Coffee Boost Module

Who this course is for:

  • People that want to learn how to make their shoulder pain go away with home exercises
  • People that want to learn the knowledge and tools and not rely on medicine and surgery to fix their shoulder pain

Course Content

11 sections - 84 lectures - 03:34:04 total length

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David Grant

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GTS was born from the passion and my commitment to change. I wanted to combine the use of physiotherapy, rehabilitation & lifestyle to help others enhance and optimize their life. From a young age, I was diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, depression, and bipolar disorder; all diseases which were supplemented with Ritalin, Adderall, and Prozac. Years later, I discovered that food allergies were the culprit—all of my so-called “illnesses” were easily treatable with diet and exercise. My issues were coupled with excruciating pain from my scoliosis and a muscular system that always leans towards the tight & immobile side. This lead to shoulder impingement, achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, and multiple other painful issues all related to my poor mobility. Countless doctors and physical therapists related this to my scoliosis and told me there was nothing I could do.

This was the beginning of my path that defined Grant Training Systems. In 2004 I graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Sports Medicine & Athletic Training (sports physiotherapy). I hold a Masters in Human Performance and Injury Prevention from the California University of Pennsylvania. During my undergraduate & postgraduate degree, I worked with numerous collegiate and professional sports teams. I was the assistant to Pat Etcheberry, one of the most famous strength coaches for professional tennis. Together we prepared tennis legends like Justine Henin, Martina Hingis, James Blake, the Brian Brothers, and Victoria Azarenka for Grand Slam tournaments. After moving to Arizona, I worked with Victoria Azarenka, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Kyle Brady, Kelly Walsh, Misty May, and Jamarcus Russel.

Ever thought about moving to Egypt? I did. And I did it. In 2008, I assisted its tennis federation in building one of the best junior players in the country. Five years later, after traveling around the world as the physio and strength coach for junior tennis player Karim Hossam, he had an impressive record of no significant injuries and an international ranking of 11th in the world. My experience in Egypt led me to learn Arabic and to participate in the Egyptian Revolution. In a defining moment that I was under a bridge with bullets and rocks flying over my head that I decided to leave and create my reality.

Today I run two offices in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, focused on integrating the importance of lifestyle into modern-day rehabilitation & physiotherapy. The implementation of mobility and stretching, along with cold therapy, breathing techniques, mental training, and mindfulness has been able to reverse scoliosis, poor posture, and chronic shoulder tendonitis/plantar fasciitis without the use of medication.

I serve as an adjunct lecturer for the University of Tubingen’s Sports Science Program where I teach my own curriculum on Movement, Mobility, Rehabilitation, and Lifestyle.