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The Employability Course, A Step-by-Step Guide to Employment

Sam Thomas via Udemy

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The Employability Course empowers people who are seeking employment by supporting them through every step of the job application process.

- Gain inside knowledge of how the recruitment and job application processes really work.

- Learn how to effectively identify and communicate your transferable skills, and utilise them in your job search.

- Learn how to properly research and evaluate each job and company before writing your application.

- Learn how to effectively tailor your application based on your research, giving you the best possible chance of getting noticed.

- Learn new techniques that will enable you to stand out from the crowd and secure more job interviews.

- Learn how to throrughly prepare for a job interview, so that you can be as prepared as you can possibly be.

The course is designed by a recruitment professional who shares his inside knowledge and experience to significantly increase your ability to secure job interviews and job offers.

It's a course that offers you all the quality, practical advice that you need to succeed without taking up huge amounts of your time.

Complete The Employability Course in just a few hours then apply all that you have learned to your job search that very same day!

The Employability Course will give you a new sense of understanding and confidence that will help you secure more job interviews and job offers!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone seeking new employment

Course Content

7 sections - 7 lectures - 01:29:01 total length

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The Employability Course, A Step-by-Step Guide to Employment

The Employability Course, A Step-by-Step Guide to Employment

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Sam Thomas

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My career has spanned five years working in sales and sales management roles in Swansea and London, followed by three fruitful years based in Sydney working for the largest recruitment company in Australia & New Zealand. In June 2020, I returned to the UK to start a family. This coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic and worrying forecasts of mass unemployment. Already somewhat disillusioned with the cut-throat recruitment industry, I set myself a goal to utilise my experience and inside knowledge to help people, while at the same time being able to work for myself and support my young family.

My experience in recruitment was one with many positives. However, the frustration was always that I was unable to help more people due to the demands of the role and the industry. I realised that there are many things that people do not understand about how the recruitment process works and how difficult it is to get noticed in a competitive job market. I interviewed thousands of job seekers. Few of them understood the limitations of the recruitment process and how much more they could be doing to find employment opportunities.

I realised that a huge void of information existed. Job seekers were lacking access to the advice and support that  would enable them to properly navigate the job application process. I realised that I had developed a thorough insight into the realities of the recruitment process, which most people are unable to see or understand, so could offer valuable advice and support to those seeking new employment.

Therefore, I set about designing The Employability Course. My aim has been to make it a one-stop-shop that can support someone from the time they start looking for a new job and feel like they don’t know where to start, all the way through to securing a job offer. A course that could be completed in a short period of time without sacrificing valuable information, so that people could get on with applying for jobs with a renewed sense of optimism and confidence.

I really hope that The Employability Course can be of value to people and help them achieve your goals.