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The Complete Google BiqQuery Masterclass: Beginner to Expert

Sandeep Kumar via Udemy

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'Using this Course, you will master Google BigQuery( BigQuery) and you can apply the SQL queries used in this course in any other Database management tool in Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, SQLite, and DB2'.

"Welcome to the most popular Quality complete Course on Google BigQuery(Big Query). This is a complete Google google bigquery training"

  • Master all the important concepts of Google BigQuery

  • Digital Marketers will be able to create their own analysis sheet

  • Students will be expert in arrays, UNNEST, STRUCT, CTE, Derived Tables, etc

  • Master all the concepts of SQL in BigQuery

  • Can write all the commands like Joins, Group by, Order By, Having clause, SubQueries, etc.

  • Create tables with partitioning

  • Can easily connect the Google BigQuery to Google Data Studio

  • Learning based on a real-time project helps students to apply the concepts in his job

  • Helps the students to be Job ready in Google BigQuery

  • Bigquery for Google Analytics


Join this course which is the best "Google BigQuery" course. I will share all the syntax of BigQuery SQL with multiple examples along the way!!!

Want to start learning SQL from scratch with no previous coding experience?

You have come to the right place. Please have a look at the Course content carefully and ask a few questions from yourself?

  • I have shared all the codes which are used in this course

  • Is the Course taught by a real-time expert? I have more than 15 years of experience as an Instructor and more than 10 years of experience in SQL along with Big Query. I firmly believe that if an Instructor does not have a good experience, he/she will flood the course with poor content.

  • Is the Course content clear and Precise? The content is short, crisp, and clear.

  • The course assumes no prior knowledge of Google BigQuery(BigQuery) and teaches you from scratch to an advanced level

  • Once you Enroll for this Course, you get lifetime access to this course and you will get all the future updates.

  • The course does not cover T-SQL directly but it will help you to learn T-SQL also.

  • This will also help you to link Google Data studio with Google Big Query

  • If you aspire to be a data scientist, data analyst, SQL Developer, etc, then it is going to help you a lot.

  • If you plan to work with other databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc, it will be extremely helpful.

  • If you are a data scientist (Data Analysis role) or willing to become a data scientist, then SQL is a must and this course helps in data analytics.

Do you want to start on Google BigQuery but have no experience with SQL?

If you have some prior knowledge on Google BigQuery or if you are a complete fresher, you are at the right place. The Course teaches you to Google Big Query with SQL right from Scratch. It will be the best course for absolute beginners.

There’s no risk involved in taking this Course!

I am sure that this is the best complete course on Google BigQuery and SQL and it is the perfect starting point to master complete BigQuery and SQL.

What if you are stuck?

I personally answer all the questions which are asked here. If you are stuck anywhere, ask a question or you can message me directly and I will answer all your doubts.

Are you getting updated content?

Yes, I keep updating the content always to make sure, I provide all the information to my students.

Once you enroll for this course-

  1. Google bigquery in analytics

  2. What is google bigquery?

  3. How to use google bigquery

  4. Complete Google bigquery tutorial and course which covers everything step by step

  5.  You can easily analyze the google bigquery public datasets

  6. Master the datasets and tables in BigQuery

  7. Upload files from multiple ways to table

  8. All major SQL Statements in Google Big Query like below -

  9. Different SELECT Statements

  10. SELECT statements with conditions

  11. Filter the Records in Google Big Query

  12. Copy records from one table to another table in Big Query

  13. All the major numerical, Date, and String Functions of SQL with functions which are only present in Big Query

  14. You will master all the special operators

  15. Joins, SubQueries, UNIONs are covered in detail

  16. CTE and Derived tables are explained beautifully with a lot of examples

  17. Find a pattern of records in Google Big Query

  18. I have explained the concepts of Arrays, Struct, UNNEST, etc in detail which you will not find in any other course

  19. All the major functions which are exclusively available in Google BigQuery is covered with easy-going examples which are real-time

  20. Google bigquery data types are shown clearly

  21. Creation of tables and views are covered with real-time examples

  22. Inserting Record into a table is shown.

  23. I am going to cover all google bigquery sql statements.

  24. The course is packed with multiple real-time google bigquery examples.

Note: This course is about Google BigQuery but it will also help you to learn SQL which can be used on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2, etc.


Once you complete the course, you will get a course completion "Google Bigquery Certification" by Udemy

Who this course is for:

  • A person who analyses the data regularly
  • Digital marketers
  • Data Scientists
  • Software Engineers
  • Professional who works on Google Cloud
  • Campaign Managers
  • Social Media aspirants/experts
  • SEO/SEM Managers
  • Who wants to master SQL using Big Query
  • Software Developers
  • Anyone who analyses Google Analytics data

Course Content

13 sections - 91 lectures - 08:10:20 total length

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Sandeep Kumar

  • 4 Instructor Rating
  • 3386 Reviews
  • 22270 Students

My name is Sandeep Kumar. I have more than 10 years of experience on Mainframe and other Technologies like Java, PHP, Perl, Regular Expressions, JavaScript and much more. I have more than 12 years of experience as an Instructor.

Currently, i am the Founder of a Training company in India which provides online training on multiple IT and Non-IT related courses.

Before starting my career as an Instructor, I have worked for all types of projects like Development, Maintenance and Support projects. In my career, i have worked on Mainframe with Java, Mainframe with Perl(Regular Expressions), Mainframe with PHP, Mainframe with Unix and so on. I worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies of the world including  Fortune 1 company of the world which is a major retail giant in USA. When i was working for them, I  was part of the team which use to monitor more than 5000 stores across the world using Mainframe technology.

I used Mainframe in various sectors like Retail, Insurance, Banking and Share market. I have worked on many projects end to end. I am also an experienced person in Website Development as well.

I am an Expert on Mainframe(TSO/ISPF, JCL, VSAM, Cobol, DB2, CICS, IMS, PL1). Along with Mainframe, I am an IT consultant for Big Data, Cloud Computing, Complete Web Development(Java, PHP and much more)

I know 3 major language - English, French and Hindi. I have taught multiple students on French as well.