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Svelte js Getting Started To the Point Guide

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Svelte is new trending JavaScript based framework which eliminates the need of virtual DOM and directly brings all the reactivity to your vanilla JavaScript. This might be hard to digest at first specially if you do not have previous background in similar frameworks like React, Angular and/or Vue.js, but don't worry, We are going to cover all of things in this course. This course not only helps you to understand the reactive frameworks specifically the Svelte. But it will also help you to quickly develop the single page applications as well as other similar Front end applications.

This course is although mainly focus on practically working on the Svelte JS which compiles your code into the vanilla JavaScript and provide you the faster websites comparative to other similar frameworks. Dozens of companies are already using Svelte in their websites and lot more joining everyday. So svelte is the need of the hour.

In this course I will take you from the very basic to the intermediate level skills in Svelte and you will be ready to move on to professional level applications very quick. This course is To The Point course which means less theoretical stuff and more and more actual coding. This doesn't mean that we will totally neglect the explaining the actual points but we will briefly cover that and more of left for the reading. So that any student who wish to get deep dive could refer to the documentation and the most students are interested to see the Svelte in action, doing something, coding , So that is what we are doing in this course.

We will create few basic applications with Svelte framework to understand the underlying concepts and the svelte way of doing things. Later on we will move to do implementing the real stuff. So let's join now...

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner JavaScript Developers

Course Content

5 sections - 17 lectures - 01:40:53 total length

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Strange Lab

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I am Abdul Rehman. I had completed My Diploma of Associate Engineering and later done my Bachelors in Computer Science. Currently Enrolled in MS program in Virtual University of Pakistan. I am developing Embedded Systems since 2008. I had started my career as an Associate Engineer. I had worked on vast variety of Embedded Platforms, like 8051, PIC, AVR, Arduino, PSoc, Raspberry PI, Even Embedded Linux and Android Devices in Embedded systems. 

I started My own Company In 2012 and running Embedded Project Consultancy and training center. Here at Strange Lab we provide students the industry grade project making skills even help them in right direction for their final year or semester projects, to achieve tasks by hand and get more from their projects by doing and learning the real world experience. 

As well as We provide Industrial Solutions for Various industries like chicken making factories, Biological labs, and even other firms needing any embedded applications. We also made lot of educational products for Universities and Tech Colleges to let them teach students technology by hand with practical projects. 

Here at udemy, I want to share my knowledge and experience with all of you around the world and built world a better place.