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Sixth Sense Activation -Level 3: Strengthen the Pineal Gland

Sohel Mehboob via Udemy

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Welcome to the Third Eye Activation Level 3 - Advanced program, this life transforming course takes you through a journey towards a deeper discovery of your Sixth Sense, the Pineal Gland or the Third Eye!

This 3 Level course ensures you have a mastery over the sense beyond the 3 dimensional senses like touch, smell, hearing etc.

Capabilities like Clairvoyance, Clair sentience & Telepathy will be explored here apart from methods, practices & meditations that activate your Pineal Gland.

Who this course is for:

  • Level 3 is for advanced meditators and those who have gone through level 1 & 2 of this program
  • You could be a business person, light worker or a spiritual seeker
  • For people who meditate regularly and are already on their spiritual path

Course Content

6 sections - 7 lectures - 01:51:28 total length

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Sohel Mehboob

  • 5 Instructor Rating
  • 3 Reviews
  • 16 Students

Hi, I was reborn a Visual Artist, Musician & Spirit Guide on 21 hours of 21-12-2012.

Not so long ago i was a stiff collar, corporate slave at the peak of my career as the Dean and CEO of a Business School, then accidentally, something happened that changed my life forever!

My life turned upside down overnight.. in a matter of 10 days, all that i was, dissolved in front of my eyes, I lost every thing that i had worked for, leaving me penniless, jobless, loveless, homeless and identity less..

And that was the Best thing that happened to me.

on 21-12-2012 I flipped from being a profit seeking corporate Chief Executive to a brush wielding artist & a Spiritual Guide.

After barely a month of quitting my job, having never held a brush in my life & with almost no effort, I presented my first art exhibit at Arambol, Goa. In the second month, received a major Award.

Ever since, every wish seems to magically manifest to Reality, in the shortest possible time & with little effort.

This Radical Shift in my ability to Manifest my thoughts & subsequent occurrences which defied logic and all that I had learnt, compelled me to explore and understand the processes involved.

Now I dedicate my life as an experiment to uncover factors that affect Radical Human Transformations.

My areas of work & study in the past decade have been in unraveling the Mystical world of Sacred Geometry Symbols, study and practice of ESP extra sensory phenomenon/perception & Self healing through the Chakra Framerwork.