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Mind Loop Mantras For Manifesting


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Have you ever repeated affirmations in the past like: “I am a millionaire!” “My soul mate is on the way!”... but you could tell a part of you was not believing a word you were saying?

The Law of Attraction tells us to affirm what we want to be true. It also instructs us to BELIEVE what we are affirming. But what happens if we don't believe it – at least not yet? Or what do we do when the affirmations are long and difficult to say, or are hard to remember? What if we want to manifest our desires but don't fully believe that's possible to do?

These are common issues that come up when working with affirmations and the Law of Attraction. The solution? Mind Loop Mantras. Because Mind Loop Mantras are like affirmations on steroids.

Mind Loop Mantras are playfully written, rhythmic to say, easy to remember, and roll off your tongue. They flow beautifully with physical movement. And most importantly, they are adapted to YOUR level of believability. They are designed to slowly up-level your old internal beliefs until you FULLY BELIEVE you can:

-become wealthy

-find that loving partner

-reach your healthy weight, sleep better, or feel higher energy

-live on a boat, travel to your dream vacation

-publish your book

-land that ideal job

-start your business – or whatever your dream may be.

We all have limiting beliefs – many of which are quiet, or completely unconscious and thus hidden to us – that that tell us our thoughts aren't as powerful as people say they are... or we won't find the love or career or earn the amount of money we deeply want... or that “magic” like that simply doesn't exist.

But a belief is simply a thought you have played over and over in your mind for so long, that it has become your reality.

From a neuroscience perspective, any repeated messages you say in your head literally create neural pathways in your brain that create more of the same types of thoughts, the same emotions, and the same behaviors. If those thoughts are negative and limiting, that's what you'll get in life. They will block you from receiving the very things you are trying to consciously create.

But what if you reprogrammed those old, limiting beliefs and neural pathways by consciously choosing powerful, supportive, magnetic, and joyful directives?

This is what Mind Loop Mantras are perfectly built to do.

In this course you will:

• Use the power of your voice, repetition, movement, and powerful phrases to reprogram your old thought patterns and create congruency between your conscious desires and your unconscious beliefs. When this congruency occurs, your ability to manifest becomes supercharged.

You will also learn:

• the hidden power of your words and why your word choices matter;

• how to design Mind Loop Mantras to work with your specific situation;

• a simple technique that cues you to say your Mind Loop Mantra throughout the day – since we so often forget to do the very things that help us the most;

• how to make your mantras 100% believable to you (very important!);

• how to incorporate physical movement to increase the intensity of the Mantras even more.

And you will receive 75 pre-written Mind Loop Mantras so you can begin using them – and experiencing their power – right away.

You can only think ONE thought at a time. Why not use the power of your thoughts and words to benefit and support you and your manifesting – instead of unconsciously blocking that magic, and undermining your happiness?

Begin your journey of creating the life of your dreams with these simple steps to reprogram your beliefs!

Who this course is for:

  • People who are frustrated with disappointing results from the Law of Attraction;
  • Anyone wanting to remove the negative thoughts and self-doubt that are blocking their manifesting flow;
  • Manifesters who want to up-level their use of affirmations to fully BELIEVE what they're repeating;
  • Any person ready to let go of their old unconscious programming – and live the life of their dreams.

Course Content

4 sections - 13 lectures - 59:04 total length

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Barbara Ireland is author of the Amazon bestseller, How To Stop Negative Thoughts: What My Near Death Experience Taught Me About Mind Loops, Neuroscience, and Happiness. She is founder of the De-Looping Method, which interrupts the downward spiral of worry and anxiety, self-esteem issues, self-doubt, and other negative thought states. Barbara gives talks and workshops to the corporations and non-profit groups around the country, and coaches individuals on the De-Looping Method. She teaches courses on conscious-creating and how to remove the negative programming that block the flow of manifesting.