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Microphone Basics

Stuart Pennington via Udemy

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This lecture and supporting resources cover all the major elements for common studio microphones. The lesson is provided with detailed explanations and methods for how to record and produce using a range of microphones as well as coming with a range of class tasks to support and test understanding.

This would be a great lecture to work through for any practical, recording lesson and closely ties in with Bundle “How to Record…Everything!”, this bundle covering the production of Acoustic, Electric guitar, and Vocals, as well as recording Drums, and Stereo recording techniques.

The Lecture/Presentation covers all the basic elements of microphone basics; everything from Dynamic, Condenser, and Ribbon microphones, detailed diagrams of how they work, along with the advantages and disadvantages. The lesson also covers, microphone Frequency Response, Sensitivity, Impedance, and Polar Patterns. All these with examples and references back to common everyday microphones found and used in professional recording studios.

Along with the lecture/presentation, there are 3 classroom worksheets, that could also be used for Homework and/or further research and understanding. These worksheets, also come with Answer Sheets for teachers. The tasks range from, “missing words”, Dynamic/Condenser microphone Advantages and Disadvantages, and Understanding Polar Patterns. There all support and aid learning for Microphone basics.

Finally, there is a Revision .pdf file, covering the most common types of microphones used, these being Dynamic, Condenser, and Ribbon, this taken from the presentation and would act as a great student reference for further studies and revision.

Who this course is for:

  • Music Technology
  • Music Creatives
  • Producers
  • Studio Engineers

Course Content

5 sections - 12 lectures - 45:47 total length

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Stuart Pennington

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If you have a passion for music and love all things techy you are in the right place! The Music Espionage was put together by Stuart Pennington way back in early 2010. A Studio Production and Composition graduate from Derby University. At the time Stuart was working as an A-Level Music Technology lecturer in Manchester and got frustrated with the complete lack of straightforward tutorials he could find anywhere.