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Melody, Chords and Harmony Without Music Theory in FL Studio

Nejc Filipič via Udemy

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In world there are many TOP 100 DJ / Music Producers that live successful life by Producing Powerful Song/Track/Melodies. Most of them don't know Advanced Music Theory. How did they become famous? Where is the catch?

The most successful EDM Songs are strong in Melodies. That is what make them apart from other simplified songs. You can succeed by making good song without good melody. But if your core Melody is powerful, you don't have to worry about other parts in your song. With strong melody you have ticket to good song.

In this Course you will learn exactly what you need to know to make powerful melodies without any advanced music theory.

The course is focused exactly in between basic music theory and successful song. You will learn completely from scratch to advanced melody.

I made around 300 or more songs from scratch. And most of DJs I was working with confirmed that my melodies in my songs are good if not perfect. I had 2 years of Piano lessens to understand basics of piano. Piano teacher told me I had talent in music. I had over 8 years of music production experience.

What will you learn?

  • Basic of FL Studio and any other DAW + Piano Roll in FL Studio

  • How to make progressive bass line from scratch

  • How to convert basic bass line into complex chords

  • How to write complex Melodies based on bass line or chords

  • How to make Sylenth1 Synthesizer Lead, Bass and Chords sounds from scratch

  • I will explain one of my complex melodies and walk you trough how I created it

Who is this Course for?

Some people start with their Music Making programs (DAW) and learn how to make simple Beat, Claps... That is simple enough. But making your melodies so good that people will like it? That is where you need talent and sense in music. I have that. Here I will explain you how to do that without music theory. Most of Producers don't have time to learn entire music theory. There 7 or more Years of music school that teach you that. Not everyone have time for that. In this course you will learn in less that a day how to do perfect melodies.

Remember you have 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee option just in case if you feel like this is not for you. If you find yourself in this way, click "Buy Now" and enroll today. We will see you in Course!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner of EDM Music Production without knowing how to make powerful Melodies or Chords
  • Beginner DJ and Dance music Producers

Course Content

5 sections - 20 lectures - 03:19:37 total length

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Nejc Filipič

  • 5 Instructor Rating
  • 1 Reviews
  • 2 Students

I am Artist and content creator. I am expert in Film industry, Music industry, Entertainment and sports.

Trough my life I learned swimming, snow boarding, skating, climbing, electronics, cameras, music instruments, DJ-ing and dancing.

The tools I have used and learned are:

Adobe Creative Cloud, Unity 3D, Apache, Linux, Minecraft Server, Html, PHP, Java Script, C++, Blender, My-Sql, FTP, Cinema 4D, Html 5, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Servers, Audacity, ssh and more...

My main focus is on Motion Picture industry, but I learn other places when I can.