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Hula Hoop Yourself Fit - Beginner Hoop Dance Course

Bee Varga via Udemy

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Sculpt your body sizzling HOT with a hula hoop beating you into shape!


Start Hula Hooping!


Dance! Play! Learn! Get Fit and Super Confident!


Working out has never been such a giggle!


Discover for yourself how easy it is to get a lean, toned body while having fun, dancing with a hula hoop.

It will be an easy and effortless journey of learning and playing at the same time. Your body will become stronger and more flexible, your coordination and posture will improve and you will be wondering how you never tried hooping before.

Your shiny new chapter is about to begin. Let that hula hoop give you an invigorating, toning massage every time you pick it up for a workout that will feel like the highest quality self-care you've ever experienced. Take your pictures and measurements now because you are going to make history!

While having a good time you will be learning about how to use a hula hoop to get visible results as soon as possible and understand why it is so beneficial for your well-being to pick your hoop up regularly. You will need no motivation, the fun experience and results will make you want to hoop all the time!

The FULL BODY Workout that is also a TONING MASSAGE!


Who this course is for:

  • Adults who are keen to get more active, learn something fun and different and playful.
  • If you only have a few minutes to exercise and would love to workout anywhere ( at home or in the garden...). Hooping is fun to do even with family so you do not need to sort out childcare and go to a busy gym but the moment you pick your hoop up: YOU ARE READY

Course Content

4 sections - 15 lectures - 01:33:43 total length

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Bee Varga

  • 5 Instructor Rating
  • 19 Reviews
  • 416 Students

I am a hula hoop instructor and performer creating online tutorials and workouts for adults here on Udemy and Youtube to help everybody find a way to make exercise fun and start a more active and rewarding chapter in life with hooping.

Originally I discovered hula hooping as an overweight sedentary adult. It was my back pain that made me consider picking up a hoop for the first time. Working part-time and studying and commuting to London really took its toll. I was just sitting most of the time and comfort eating. Hula hooping was something I could do at home whenever I had a few spare minutes. I could even read my lecture notes while hooping! Initially just to be able to keep it up was exciting and I loved it so much I ended up hooping every day. In 6months' time, I went from a UK dress size 14 to a size 8!

That was the beginning of all the adventures. I went on to become a stage performer, circus entertainer, hoop dance instructor, personal trainer, nutrition advisor... 

Now I am keeping busy sharing my love for hula hooping so others can experience the benefits of this fun, playful and effective performing art and workout.

On my Youtube there are lots of videos you can learn from and here on Udemy I shall try my best to give you a fantastic learning experience and take you step-by-step on your hula hoop journey with nicely structured courses so you have all the information and inspiration you could ever need for success.

Lots of love to You,