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How to Stay Sane During the Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

Matt Peplinski via Udemy

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In this course, you'll learn how to keep sane during the pandemic, specifically you'll learn:

  • An evidence-based technique called the ABCD technique that will help you overcome irrational beliefs that make you panic during the pandemic.

  • How to ease anxiety during the pandemic and stop yourself from panicking.

  • How to be peaceful and content during the pandemic through the XML technique.

  • How to eat cheaply and healthy during the pandemic.

  • How to manage your time while working from home and how to keep up with exercise, even if you work from home all the time.

  • How to not only have healthy relationships during the pandemic, but how to deepen the love between you and your spouse/family.

  • How to have a support network during the pandemic and meet new online friends.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn psychological strategies for emotional management that will help them thrive during the pandemic
  • People who work from home
  • People who feel anxious and stressed out about the covid-19 pandemic

Course Content

7 sections - 12 lectures - 01:23:35 total length

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Matt Peplinski

  • 4 Instructor Rating
  • 306 Reviews
  • 12374 Students

I struggled with mental health issues every since I was 5 years old. Back then I did nothing but watch  the only cartoon channel that was available back then. The english version of cartoon network. During my entire childhood I did almost nothing but play videogames, watch television, browser the internet or watch porn all day. I almost never did anything productive, which only made my depression stronger.

Things got even worse when I was 13 years old; I experienced my first major panic attacks. It got so bad that at one point an ambulance had to take me home every week.

All that changed when I turned 16 and became obsessed with every form of self-help therapy imaginable. That didn't stop my downfall; I suffered a major psychotic episode in 2009 and became catatonic for over a year.

The road to recovery from then on was excruciating. I was unable to receive proper professional help, forcing me to rely on self-help courses that failed to meet all of my needs, but at least allowed me recover sufficiently to go to college to study psychology.

It was only when I thoroughly researched self-help techniques that I came to understand their scientific basis, allowing me to help myself completely.

I managed to not only alleviate my panic disorder and other mental problems, I also managed to recover from my crippling  addictions to: video games, television, porn and the internet. 

I've since dedicated my life to help other people who suffered from similar issues as I did by providing accessible and evidence based self-help courses on Udemy.