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How to Lead Your Team Effectively

Eniko Toth via Udemy

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"Most successful people realise that until they do not develop themselves, their business and their team cannot develop either. "

Let me ask a question from you: How many times in a week do you work in teams?



If you think about it, then you realise the answer is "almost all the time".

Working in teams and working with others could get very challenging. We are all different, thus we are motivated by different things and additionally, we communicate our ideas and needs differently. Understanding your team, the people around you could be the most needed skill that you can learn as a person, as a leader.

Most times we are fixated on the results, the vision, the dream, but it is our team, it is our people who help us make it happen. In this course, you will learn the most important skills that you could have as a leader. You will become a better communicator, motivator and delegator after taking this training. You will develop yourself and your team at the same time.

However, teamwork is not only important in your career but also in your daily lives. As people, we are constantly interacting with others so learning the crucial skills of a leader can be the turning point to become the person you have always wanted to be.

It is time to become the leader you have always wanted to be and LEAD YOUR TEAM (AND LIFE) THE MOST EFFECTIVELY TO SUCCESS.

Who this course is for:

  • People working in teams
  • People who would like to develop their leadership and communication skills
  • People who would like to build an effective team and gain results
  • People who have struggles with motivating their teammates

Course Content

6 sections - 15 lectures - 01:32:46 total length

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Eniko Toth

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A civil engineer turned world traveller, podcaster, writer and online teacher. I am also a life purpose coach with a mission of empowering people to find their own way in life, to love and accept who they truly are and live a life in Flow. My specialities lie in goal setting, productivity, accountability, leadership and communication. I would love to help as many people as I can, that is why I decided to share my knowledge here.

My favourite quote is:

"Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail!" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote talks to me because quote because it makes me realise that I want to do something different. That I should not follow the crowd but find my own way. It will probably not be easy. If you have ever been hiking and have taken a path no one took before then there are some branches in the way and you might need to cut your way through. You might trap and fall, but it is your way and you are on an adventure. And this is what life should be, an adventure, constant exploration of yourself, your environment and your possibilities. Because they are never-ending. And when you have carved your way through the jungle, there will be a clear path behind you that others can also take and make it their own.