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From Frantic to Zen

Marina Newington via Udemy

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Does getting ready for Christmas get you so panicked that you can't enjoy the holidays?

Whether you are stuck with how to sort out the decorating and entertaining or struggling to figure out how to get everyone the right present and make it look great, you are not alone! Let me help you take the pain out of the holidays so that you can really enjoy yourself this year! Together, we will go through all the holiday pitfalls step by step. We will get wonderful cards sent out to friends and family, we will take the guesswork of what presents to buy and will make sure that you don't forget anyone! We will also make sure that you get a delicious Christmas meal on the table with out spending the whole day in the kitchen.

Join me to finally learn what it takes to enjoy yourself during the holidays. Ready to have some FUN?


1. How to get a delicious meal on the Christmas table without spending the whole day in the kitchen

How often have you spent ages getting the house looking beautiful and picking wonderful presents only to miss out on the fun of the opening because you were stuck in the kitchen? I'm going to show you how you can be there to enjoy all your efforts without compromising on a delicious meal.

2. How to pick the perfect presents

Without missing anyone off your list. Don't get caught out with a teacher or trainer that you forgot to gift - this year everyone will have the right present without breaking the bank or shopping for days!

3. How to save a HUGE amount of TIME

By following the checklist I provide to make sure everything gets done in advance so you can enjoy the holidays as a time off. You will also learn some great short cuts that will save you DAYS of effort!

4. How to stop panicking and make the Holidays FUN for YOU

This year, do something different and take the pain out of making the holidays perfect and instead, make them wonderful for YOU as well. It's definitely about friends and family, but it's also about enjoying the time you worked so hard to create. You can now stop worrying about getting everything done because I will give you a step by step list to take you through all the elements of a fantastic Christmas so that you can have FUN this holiday season!

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  • Busy Women

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Marina Newington

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I am Marina Newington, international speaker, best-selling author, productivity expert and founder of the PowerSystem and I am a qualified Coach with an MBA from the prestigious Columbia Business School.

I empower entrepreneurial women globally to set the foundations for time and financial freedom so they can feel more confident, in control and motivated as they go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to feeling that the right things get done in the time they have so that they can create true impact, more money and a life that is happy, satisfied and fulfilled.

My mission is to help these women balance a business and family so that they get the most out of their work hours and can enjoy all the parts of their lives without guilt and with true satisfaction, because as a mum of 4, I know what a struggle it can be to try to enjoy your life and not just endure it. I understand first-hand the pressures of the different roles required from women today who often wear ‘busy’ as a badge of honour - I know I did - even though they often feel overwhelmed and frustrated so much of the time by all the things. I learned that there is no reward for busyness, no gold star, no trophy - that it’s not about being busy, it’s about being productive, and that’s what I help other entrepreneurial women discover.