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Certified Indian Dance Fitness Master Trainer Course Basic-2

Sarita Wariyer via Udemy

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Regular exercise increases the growth of new blood vessels in the brain regions where neurogenesis occurs, providing the increased blood supply that supports the development of these new neurons.

Exercise also improves the health and function of existing blood vessels, ensuring that brain tissue consistently receives adequate blood supply to meet its needs and preserve its function.

Finally, regular exercise can prevent, and even treat, hypertension (high blood pressure), which is a risk factor for development of dementia.

Exercise works in multiple ways to enhance the health and function of blood vessels in the brain.


Personal fitness training certification for international coaching needs ERPS certification, in addition to this.

Who this course is for:

  • Basic level beginner

Course Content

1 sections - 25 lectures - 52:59 total length

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Sarita Wariyer

  • 1 Instructor Rating
  • 2 Reviews
  • 10 Students

Sarita Wariyer

Ted ED USA Educator

Teaching Indian dance class online

And also English lessons.

Indian Dance flexibility exercise workout etc

Private sessions are being taken too online in direct classes live along with recorded ones of choreography, personally suited for clients for specific program use and according to the audience type etc.

I am also a volunteer for the blind and visually impaired, as well take classes for deaf youngsters.

Both Indian Classical Dance lessons and English language learning online has been made possible together, here in an interesting way to learn for students.

Prose as a lesson for English incorporated into Indian Classical Dance Art as a form of culture based activity is the theme of this course.

Traditional Epics and their interpretation in the modern day class for absorbing maximum information in minimum time is attempted here.

It is an effort to bring the intriguing heritage of the land of India, with its vast and fascinating cultural aspects into a course, with lessons put simply together with English, as a Universal language for the medium of instruction.

This is also intended to be an English class learning experience too for non native speakers.

Much of the work is captioned and the music chosen has the feel of spirituality, as a spiritual Indian Dance course with the myriad nuances of English language learnt, as well simultaneously.

Theory and practical lessons are imparted for fundamental level learning of the dance.

This is in addition to the already existing different basic courses, in the same subject here.

This particular course is geared more to choreography for programs or specific needs of instructional video learning, for items based on songs from tales of Indian mythology.

The course is mainly for quick public initial  basic training.

However, when stuck at home and unable to move about due to increase in restrained customers, the course will prove to be for an individual, useful for its basic features and resources that are additionally put into, as a supplement during its making.