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BLENDER: How to create and rig the Iron Giant

Mrawan Hussain via Udemy

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Hi everyone, my name is Marwan Hussain, I'm a 3D artist I made a new course about Iron Giant but this course is different from my other courses on the Udemy platform, in this course I will teach you how to make rigging, we will learn how to r rig this robot from start to finish.

Before we jump to that let's talk about what we will do in the beginning,

in the beginning, we will learn how to model the whole robot from start to finish, this kind of modeling call Hard surface, it's a lot of fun we will learn how to shade your model correctly, how to use Bevel modifier symmetry, and other modifiers,

until we got a nice smooth result at the end of this section ( modeling )

After that we will jump to the next section I will call it Unwrapping, we will learn how to unwrap hard surface modeling correctly and reduce the UV distortion at the minimum
I will unwrap all the pieces one by one so you could learn how to do that and make it easier for you.

After the unwrapping section, we will start with the rig journey, in this journey, we will learn how to use armature and how to rig all necessary joint so you could be able to move your robot and make it ready for some animation.

the last section will be the Texturing and Rendering, this is very important section because the final result depends on it.

we will export the project to Substance Painter and we will start the texture journey there, we will learn how to make realistic PBR material from scratches step by step and we will learn how to add the wether effect like rust and dust so it looks old and dirty,

all of that will done with Substance Painter after we finish texturing journey we will import the PBR texture back to Blender to make the render.

I will render the scene with Cycles and Eevee, and after that, we will make some quick post-processing with the compositor.

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4 sections - 69 lectures - 19:27:25 total length

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Mrawan Hussain

  • 4 Instructor Rating
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Hello, Marwan painter is 3D,2D artist, and internet marketer, he taught hundreds of student, and he had worked in 3d design in many disciplines, architecture and mechanical.

He is here to share his information and legacy about the 3D and 2D software that he learned through the 9 past years, you will find his courses full with the useful information that will move you on quickly in the path of learning.