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Beginners Guide to Carnatic Music

Artify Music Ventures Private Limited via Udemy

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Beginners guide to Karnatik music

Karnatik music- This means several things to several people- divine, meditative, challenging, complex, intricate, dull, layered, stimulating and the list goes on. Well, that’s the point of any art form for that matter - to inspire interpretations. Karnatik music, just like any other art form is something that is deeply rooted in tradition, scientific techniques and practice. To learn it as a student, as a rasika and as a practitioner requires a specific set of exercises each.

In this course, you shall be learning the fundamental concepts of Karnatik music like - why is this called Karnatik music, what is Shruti, Raaga, Thaala and how all these are used to practice this art form as a student and as a professional. One important thing to remember is that whether you want be a performer or a knowledgeable listener, the start is all the same. This course provides you with THAT important head start in this fun run called Karnatik Music.

This course is for ALL those who wish to learn the basics of South Indian Classical Music and then go on to explore the wonderful world of Swaras and Thaalas on their own, with a sound understanding of its foundation and all-embracing nature.

Who this course is for:

  • Interested in Indian Classical Music
  • Interested in Carnatic Music
  • Beginners of Indian Music
  • Interested in different Genres of Music
  • Interested in Classical Music

Course Content

1 sections - 9 lectures - 02:24:22 total length

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Artify Music Ventures Private Limited

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