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Become a Maths Tutor - Your Own Business, Earn Great Money!

Paul Darvell via Udemy

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Tutoring is an easily overlooked opportunity. This course teaches you how to build a lucrative Maths Tutoring business very quickly. Being a Maths Tutor is great as a new career or a second income. You choose your hours and how much you work.

If you are concerned that you don't have the skills to become a Maths Tutor, this course teaches you everything you need to know, even the maths!

The demand for tutoring is massive and the financial rewards can be excellent.

Below I have listed out all of the sections and lessons so you can see how comprehensive this course is and fully understand what you are getting in this maths & arithmetic course:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Lesson 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2 – Part One

Lesson 1:  Introduction

Lesson 2:  The Opportunity

Lesson 3:  Multiple Businesses

Lesson 4:  Using Time Zones To Your Advantage

Chapter 3 – Marketing & Business Setup

Lesson 1:  Business Cards

Lesson 2:  Insurance

Lesson 3:  Finding Your Niche

Lesson 4:  Delivery Format

Lesson 5:  Home Schooling vs After School

Lesson 6:  Pricing Your Services

Lesson 7:  Offline Marketing

Lesson 8:  Reviews Recommendations & Referrals

Lesson 9:  Tutoring Portals

Lesson 10:  Your Own Website

Lesson 11:  Handling Enquiries

Lesson 12:  Handling Payments

Lesson 13:  Scheduling To Maximise Profit

Lesson 14:  Support Folder - Your Get Out of Jail Free Card

Lesson 15:  Safety

Lesson 16:  Special Educational Needs & Other Issues

Chapter 4 – Legal Stuff

Lesson 1:  Criminal Record Check

Lesson 2:  Legal Considerations

Lesson 3:  Communication

Chapter 5 – Tutoring Skills

Lesson 1:  Initial Assessment

Lesson 2:  Structuring Tutoring Sessions

Lesson 3:  Knowing When To Change Topics

Lesson 4:  Homework

Lesson 5:  Past Papers Are Your Friend

Lesson 6:  How To Handle The Tough Conversations

Chapter 6 – Maths Operators

Lesson 1: Large Numbers

Lesson 2: Basic Adding

Lesson 3: Advanced Adding

Lesson 4: Basic Subtracting

Lesson 5: Advanced Subtracting

Lesson 6: Introduction to Multiplication

Lesson 7: Basic Multiplication

Lesson 8: Advanced Multiplication

Lesson 9: Introducing Dividing

Lesson 10: Basic Dividing

Lesson 11: Dividing with Remainders

Lesson 12: Dividing using the Bus Stop Method

Lesson 13: Long Division

Lesson 14: Basic BIDMAS and BODMAS

Lesson 15: Advanced BIDMAS and BODMAS

Chapter 7 – Numbers

Lesson 1: Large Numbers

Lesson 2: Negative Numbers Part 1

Lesson 3: Negative Numbers Part 2

Lesson 4: Times Tables

Lesson 5: Factors

Lesson 6: Number Sequence Confession!

Lesson 7: Number Sequence Part 1

Lesson 8: Number Sequence Part 2

Lesson 9: Missing Numbers

Lesson 10: Prime & Compound Numbers

Lesson 11: Rounding

Lesson 12: Roman Numerals

Lesson 13: Algebra

Lesson 14: Decimals Percentages & Fractions

Lesson 15: Decimals Percentages & Fractions of Whole Numbers

Chapter 8 – Decimals

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Decimals

Lesson 2: Adding Decimals

Lesson 3: Subtracting Decimals

Lesson 4: Multiplying Decimals

Lesson 5: Dividing Decimals

Chapter 9 – Fractions

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Fractions

Lesson 2: Adding Fractions

Lesson 3: Subtracting Fractions

Lesson 4: Multiplying Fractions

Lesson 5: Dividing Fractions

Lesson 6: An Introduction to Simplifying Fractions

Lesson 7: Simplifying Fractions – Advanced

Lesson 8: Mixed & Improper Fractions

Chapter 10 – Units

Lesson 1: Units of Measure

Lesson 2: Money & Coins

Lesson 3: Time

Lesson 4: Seconds Minutes Hours Weeks Months Years

Chapter 11 – Shapes & Angles

Lesson 1: Using a Protractor

Lesson 2: Triangles

Lesson 3: Squares

Lesson 4: Nets

Lesson 5: Circles

Lesson 6: Different Shapes

Lesson 7: Straight Line Angles

Lesson 8: Faces Vertices & Edges

Lesson 9: Symmetry

Lesson 10: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Chapter 12 – Averages

Lesson 1: Mean Median & Mode

Chapter 13 – Ratios & Proportions

Lesson 1: Ratios & Proportions

Chapter 14 – Graphs & Charts

Lesson 1: Bar Charts

Lesson 2: Line Charts

Lesson 3: Pie Charts

Lesson 4: Coordinates & Grids – Moving Shapes

Chapter 15 – Reasoning

Lesson 1:  An Introduction to Reasoning Questions

Lesson 2:  Time Reasoning Questions

Lesson 3:  10 Times Reasoning Questions

Lesson 4:  Missing Number Reasoning Questions

Lesson 5:  Hours and Percentages Reasoning Questions

Lesson 6:  Table Adding and Subtracting Reasoning Questions

Lesson 7:  Scale and Measuring Reasoning Questions

Chapter 16 – Exam Techniques and Practise

Lesson 1:  Exam Technique

Lesson 2:  Exam Practise

Lesson 3:  Additional Sample Exam Papers

Lesson 4:  Speed

Chapter 17 – The Ending

Lesson 1:  The Ending

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to setup a maths tutoring business and make money

Course Content

18 sections - 106 lectures - 10:36:31 total length

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Paul Darvell

  • 4 Instructor Rating
  • 12 Reviews
  • 476 Students

Hi, I am Paul Darvell and I am the luckiest man alive as I get to combine my two favourite things: coaching and photography. Having been a keen photographer since a child, I was always destine to work in photography. Photography is in my genes, my father was a keen competition photographer.

I have two Photography businesses. The first is Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks, a photography training company. The second business is Landlord Photography, a specialist property photography company.

Running Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks is the best job in the world. I love taking a novice photographer and quickly providing them with all the skills they need to take great photos.

As well as being a photographer and photography trainer, I am also a published author in Photography and have several books to my name.