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A 31 Day Manifestation Challenge

Jane Adams via Udemy

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Manifest The Life You Want!

A 31 day course with Simple Yet Powerful Techniques To Enable You To Create What You Want

This course covers simple, yet powerful techniques to allow you to create the life you want.

What do you want to change in your life? Would you like to live in a different house, a different country? Would you like more money, or have the ideal relationship?

To do this, you first need to look at what you are blocking within your life. This course will walk you through the steps and give you tools and techniques that are proven to release block and have you manifesting with ease

The course includes videos, handouts, simple daily tasks and meditation tracks and EFT.

Easy to learn modules include:

  • How to manifest happiness and prosperity

  • Be able to create positive results in tall areas of your life

  • Understand the science behind why manifesting actually does work

  • Be able to guide and help others towards their own manifesting goals

  • Be able to fine-tine your manifesting skills and get real results with tried and tested techniques

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone

Course Content

5 sections - 36 lectures - 04:33:07 total length

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Jane Adams

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A bit about me, Hi I am Jane and I am the the creator of Jane Elizabeth, which is my coaching business and a place of learning and growth. I also created The Coffee Lounge to give people who work with me a sense of community.

I am a Mum of two gorgeous girls and a wife to Steve – but I also love to write and to share and learn from everyone that I cross paths with.

Prior to having my children I was a careers coach, firstly working with school leavers and then later on helping adults make changes that they needed to make to become more fulfilled or to deal with changes that were forced on them due to injury or loss of their current roles.

I then took time out to have my two beautiful girls and started my own business in network marketing and although this wasn’t my forever home it changed me as a person, I delved deeply into personal development and learnt about the law of attraction and my confidence and my perception of myself changed.

My business grew from that passion, mixing the skills and abilities I had from being a careers coach for over ten years and the love that I found for self development and the ability to change the way we think and feel.

I specialise now in working with men and women who want to change their negative mindset. People who are dissatisfied with the life they are currently living and despite trying so many things in the past they are still stuck with the old programming and the negative chatter that has frustrated them all of their lives.

On my programmes I will walk with you side by side and give you the tools and techniques to change your mindset from one of a bad friend to being your own best friend. I will help you to stop the constant negative thoughts and empower you to live in a high vibe state where you can be, do or have anything your want.

Unlike many others in my field I promise that I will not give you the tools and then leave you to work it out for yourself but that I will be with you every step of the way and stay with you until you truly are confident in the new you that we are creating together.

My programmes will give you the clarity and certainty to move forward towards the life you dream about and one of my biggest hopes is that I can help people by producing high quality but affordable courses, Jane Elizabeth is fast becoming the go to place to do that.

I myself have been at the lowest of the low places and I have experienced things that I hope no-one else has to experience in their life (you'll find my story in The Coffee Lounge). I learnt how to pick myself up again and move forward, adding tools to my tool belt all the time that have helped me to get from there to where I am today. I want to pass on my learning and my tools to help you grow and evolve and change into the person I know you were born to be.

I have trained in areas such as the Law of Attraction, EFT, Numerology, Reiki, Aura Work and Meditation and these are all areas that I love and teach regularly. I am also a fully qualified careers coach and Life Coach.

Much love Jane xxx