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42 Funny One Liner Jokes - College Study Tips, Study ...


 · 42 Funny One Liner Jokes. by Stephen. on March 25, 2013. Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact? Breasts don’t have eyes. o O o. A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. o O o. How do you get a sweet 80-year-old lady to say the F word?

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Top 50 Jokes For College Students-Will Make You Pee Your ...


  • The female dormitory will be out-of-bounds for all male students, so too the male dormitory to the female students. Anybody caught breaking this rule will be fined $20 the first time.
  • Q: How many graduate students does it take to change a light bulb? A: Only one, but it may take him/her more than five years to do it.
  • An applicant was being interviewed for admission to a prominent medical school. “Tell me,” inquired the interviewer, “where do you expect to be ten years from now?”
  • Did you hear about the Louisiana Tech professor who stood in front of a mirror for two hours, wondering where he’d seen himself before?
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    60+ College Jokes And Puns That Prove Higher Learning Is ...


  • How do you know that you have been in college too long? Your parents are running out of money!
  • Why did the sun skip college? It already has a million degrees.
  • What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? Bi-son.
  • If pilgrims traveled on the Mayflower, what do college students travel on? Scholar-ships.
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    109 School One Liners - The funniest school jokes ...


    Absolutely hillarious school one-liners! The largest collection of school one-line jokes in the world. All sorted from the best by our visitors. See TOP 10 school one liners.

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    College Jokes - University Jokes


    A. TWO. One to change the lightbulb and one to crack under the pressure. Q: What do Ohio State and pot have in common? A: They both get smoked in bowls! Q: How do you make OSU cookies? A: Put them in a big Bowl and beat for 3 hours. Q. What is the one thing that keeps so many Ohio State football players from graduating? A. CLASSWORK! Oregon State

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    Funny College Jokes and Puns - Will make you laugh!


    College Jokes and Puns. Enjoy these funny college jokes and puns. Perfect for anyone going to college, about to go or just graduated. These jokes about college will make you and your friends laugh and maybe even your teacher. We also have school jokes.

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    College Jokes | Funny Clean Jokes |


    One of my college friends asked a group of us for advice on organizing his final report for the year. ... One Liner Jokes. Pickup Jokes. Police Jokes. Political Jokes. Pop Culture Jokes. Programmer Jokes. Puns. Relationship Jokes. Religious Jokes. Salespeople Jokes. School Jokes. Science Jokes.

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    The Funniest College Joke Ever - Enjoy A Good Laugh


    Home › School Jokes › Archive for College Jokes. Blog Archives Enjoy our collection of college jokes, after all that’s what they are here for! ... One Liners (21) Short Jokes (23) Text Jokes (15) Sports Humor (10) Football Jokes (2) Golf Jokes (3) Soccer Jokes (1) Sports Jokes (5) Witty Jokes (31) Clever Jokes

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    The 121+ Best Professor Jokes - ↑UPJOKE↑


    A college professor started to notice that one of his students, Dave, started gaining lots of female attention. So, one day he asks Dave about his secret. Dave replies: "Well, before sex I simply whip out my willy and smack it against the bedside table, like a hammer.

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    College Jokes One Liners | Kappit


    58 entries are tagged with college jokes one liners. 1. This kid is 11 and in my organic chemistry class he said if we have questions to just email him.

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    Best college jokes ever - - 32 College jokes


    More jokes about: college, money, school, student One day a college professor after getting irritated in his college class stands up in front of the class and asks if anyone in the class is an idiot, and if there is one then he/she should stand up.

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    Funny College Jokes |


    Funny college jokes to ease the pain of those loan repayments. In high school, you can't go out to lunch because it's not allowed. In college, you can't go out to lunch because you can't

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    115 Best One Liner Jokes As Punny As They Are Funny


  • I can’t believe I got fired from the calendar factory: all I did was take a day off!
  • Money talks: mine always says is goodbye.
  • I went to see the doctor about my short-term memory problems — the first thing he did was make me pay in advance.
  • You have two parts of the brain, “left” and “right” — in the left side, there’s nothing right and in the right side, there’s nothing left.
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    48+ Graduation Jokes To Laugh Out Loud


    Following is our collection of ceremony humor and college one-liner funnies working better than reddit jokes. They include Graduation puns for adults, dirty university jokes or clean cambridge gags for kids.. There is an abundance of mba jokes out there. You're fortunate to read a set of the 48 funniest jokes

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    As more and more trusted schools offer online degree programs, respect continues to grow. ... According to a survey, 83 percent of executives say that an online degree is as credible as one earned through a traditional campus-based program.

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    While e-learning won't replace traditional classrooms, it will change the way we know them today. With improved resources and reduced teacher workloads, classrooms can shift to co-learning spaces. Students can arrive, learn, engage—all at their own pace in a collaborative environment.

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