Things You Need to Know About Instagram’s New Business Features

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With so many businesses available on Instagram, it becomes daunting at times to keep your business thriving on the platform. Having unique products, or best services are important but promoting it to people can enhance your business.

Instagram launched some cool business features recently. Businesses can use these features to make the most for themselves. In this article, we will talk about some of the latest features that can prove to be a boon for your business.

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Why Use Instagram For Business?

Instagram has added some new features keeping the eCommerce industry in mind. With a large audience base of the platform, businesses can benefit a lot from Instagram. You cannot just build your presence on Instagram but can avail the benefit of the “Direct Transactions” and “Shops” features.

It’s safe to say that Instagram is becoming the new favourite marketing platform for businesses. Therefore, it’s essential that you have a strong online presence, so that more and more people are aware of your business. After all, it’s not always a great idea to rely on in-person sales for benefits.

How To Build A Strong Presence On Instagram?

Your content decides your place on Instagram. In the case of businesses, it’s the products and services that act as a deciding factor. It all depends on the way your services are presented here.

Keep the journey easy for customers. Share content that they can relate to or would be interested in knowing more about. Add the link to the product’s page so that customers can easily reach there. Hold contests and giveaways. Try to connect with your audience, send them personalized service offers. Share some inside stories of your business.

Basically, your online presence depends on how well you interact with your audience and how nicely you can showcase your products.

Instagram Features That Can Help Businesses

Instagram introduced some cool features in 2021 to ease the journey for businesses. Have a look:

Professional Dashboards

This feature was launched in January 2021. The idea behind this feature was to help businesses track their performances, access professional resources, and ultimately enhance their business.

Professional dashboards give you insights on how your business is interacting with the followers and what would be the best time to share content keeping the online audience in mind.

Besides, there are certain branded content tools that show tips and tricks to keep your business going on Instagram.

Sections in the professional dashboards

Stay Informed:

Here, you can get tips from other content creators about creating the best and most engaging content.

Sell your products:

You can utilize this section to set up your products on your page such that the current and potential customers can purchase right from your profile. You can also tag shoppable products in your posts and stories making it easier for the followers.

Post about 15 minutes before your peak hours:

This section lets you know the most active times of the day so that you can post accordingly. However, try to post 15 minutes before the peak time for better engagement.

Live Rooms

The live room feature was launched in March 2021. With this feature, more than one account can participate in the same Instagram Live Session. It can be your friends, colleagues, influencers, vendors, followers, anyone.

Tips to make the most out of a Live room:

  • Can add three or more users to the live:

You can add three other people to your Live to run a panel or hold some discussion or even have different participants cycle going on. But the users and you need to follow each other in able to join the session.

  • Make a bite-sized podcast:

Instagram is not the place for a full podcast. However, you can share small clips of your podcasts here. You can even create podcasts on small topics like tutorials, Q/A sessions, etc.

  • Join others’ live videos:

If holding Live sessions doesn’t excite you, don’t worry. You can always join other people’s Live. In fact, it’s a great way to gain some more followers from their account and engage with a new potential audience.

Remix Reels

Remix reels feature lets you share your own videos with other creators. This feature is best when you want to do a comparison or share your thoughts on something. It was launched in April 2021.

Tips and tricks for Remix reels:

  • Incorporate others’ reel into your own:

Instagram’s reel feature is a fun way to engage with your audience. Be it joining other’s reel, turning it into a duet, or adding funny comments, there is a lot to explore here. You can also create your own reel and keep it open for people to remix the same.

This is a nice way to gain more people’s attention for your business.

  • Expand your audience:

If the person whose reel you have remixed shares it on his feed, you have a great chance to get exposed to a huge audience base.

  • Adjust the audio as per need:

Before creating the remix, make sure the audio is adjusted as per your video. Tap on the three lines at the top and do the needful.

Stories Caption Stickers:

An awesome feature launched in April 2021. This feature turns your said words into texts automatically. All you need is to tap on the stickers and search for captions.


  • Keep it short:

This feature works for videos that are 15 seconds or less. So, keep in mind that you share the important information in that period.

  • Double-check for accuracy:

It might be that the words are not interpreted correctly. So, keep a check on that and edit the wrong words by just tapping on them.

  • Capture more viewers:

You might don’t know but 40% of people don’t watch videos with sound on. So, it’s a great chance to gather their attention.

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Updates To Insights

These updates are helpful in helping creators engage more with the audience.


  • Expand your tracking period:

This new update lets you expand your tracking period from 30 days to 60 days. This way, you don’t need any third-party tool to keep a track of the same.

  • Check reels and live insights:

You can use this feature after you have made your reel or have gone live with another user. This feature shows you what your audience liked so that you can plan your strategy accordingly.

  • Focus on accounts reached:

The insights give you an idea of what type of accounts you have reached, how many followers, and how many non-followers have been reached.

Algorithm Shift

This is not actually a feature but is equally important. The latest algorithm of Instagram is said to favour fun and engaging video content more. It was in June 2021 when Instagram announced that recycled content from other platforms won’t get aligned with the new update.


  • Add music:

Use the right type of music for your video but make sure the songs are copy-right free. Plan how you are going to engage with your audience. If you are going to share an update, use upbeat music. If you have something serious to share, share some calm music.

  • Write longer captions:

Longer, caption means people would interact and engage with your video more as they would wait till the end to read the caption.

  • Branded intro and branded outro:

This will give your videos consistency and the audience would find it easier to learn your brand.

Algorithm Explained:

Again, this is not a feature but Instagram shared how the algorithm works, thereby helping users to get the most benefits.

  • Publish reels regularly:

Regular publishing of reels means your accounts would be reached by more people. Not just in your followers but outside it too. You don’t need to make time-consuming videos; short content would work too unless you are posting regularly.

  • Use fewer hashtags:

It’s a talk of the past when adding more hashtags used to be Instagram’s thing. Now the focus should be to add fewer but relevant hashtags that too have maximum followers.

  • Focus more on video and shopping:

The CEO of Instagram himself shared that Instagram is not into photos anymore. Instead, accounts should focus more on sharing video content to gain more attention.

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Black-Owned Category

Last summer, Instagram witnessed a peak in people supporting “Black-led” or “Black-owned” businesses.

  • Designate your business:

If applicable, set your profile under “Black-owned” shopping. You can check the Instagram help centre for more info.

  • Explore partnership opportunities:

Maybe you are not a black-owned business but doing a partnership with the same can benefit you.

  • Support:

This new feature lets you explore and support the black-owned business.

Location Stories

Although this feature was removed in October due to elections, it’s back in business now. With this feature, users can find stories published by nearby accounts.

Maps Search

It was in September 2021 that Instagram rolled out the in-app maps feature. This feature will show the nearby venues, cafes, shops, businesses, and when tapped on that, users would be again shown more information about the same.

To Conclude

Instagram is constantly updating its features for individual users and business owners. You just need to keep yourself up-to-date to avail the benefits of these features. With this article, we hope you now have an idea of the latest features that you can use for your business.

Have any doubts or queries, mention them in the comments, we would reach to you soon.

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