How to write a Research Paper without plagiarism?

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Writing a research paper calls for academic honesty. With that said, students grapple with research paper writing because they fall into the trap of plagiarism.

Being a student, you may feel distressed and confused about your research paper.

Much of the confusion comes from the fear of getting expelled from your institution for plagiarizing someone’s research.

To bring clarity and to add to your knowledge, we have brought scalable tips to help you write a research paper without plagiarism.

Read the article and thank me later.

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What is plagiarism in academics?

Plagiarism is the simple copy-pasting of words and ideas from a research publication or scientific journal into your research without citing the original scientist’s work.

Plagiarism and research are two opposite things. They can’t co-exist in one place. Either you plagiarize or conduct research.

Because the main aim of the research is to explore or invent something new that no one has ever done.

Why do students plagiarize their researches?

Since you may want to write research as your graduation thesis, you need to know the basic knowledge of research.

Every college and university teaches research methodology in their curriculum to make you able to do research.

With that said, most students don’t grasp the true spirit of scientific writing. They tend to cram it to pass the exams.

Thus when they are asked to conduct research, they tremble to do so. Even if they try to write a research paper they plagiarize it.

Hence, ignorance of the true research method causes plagiarism in your text.

There is another side of this fact, students also lack a fundamental understanding of plagiarism.

They think they can get past the eyes of their instructors, that’s why they copy chunks from someone’s research.

Moreover, they are oblivious of different forms of plagiarism. Therefore, they don’t know the complexity of writing plagiarism-free papers.

Others copy text intentionally due to laziness or any other unnecessary reason.

Ways to write a plagiarism-free research paper:

Research have developed their own techniques to write a research . Using shortcut methods, they end up plagiarizing their scientific writing.

 Nevertheless, you can apply these techniques to remove plagiarism.

Start afresh:

Trying innovative ideas and finding something new are the cardinal features of true research. If you start from scratch you will end up creating the best research you intend to create.

Starting out on your own will make you less dependant on other literature. Thus you will create a research paper of your own.

So you should find out facts, list down the resources, analyze the methods, brainstorm ideas, and draft your paper and edit it.

In this way, you will create plagiarism-free research papers.

Use plagiarism checker to enure uniqueness:

Writing a paper isn’t the only thing. You have determined whether it contains plagiarism or not. For this purpose, you can use an online plagiarism checker.

These tools scan your content and search for similar words across the bulk of data on the internet.

You can get these tools on different websites on the internet.

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Use your own words:

Most of the time, you need to do a literature review to know what work has already been done in the field.

While reviewing articles, you have to take immense care not to copy words from those articles. Otherwise, you will create a plagiarized research paper.

Use your own wording in your content and try to avoid verbatim in any published articles.

Keep track of the sources:

First, you have to gather all the resources you want to cite. It is better to insert them into an excel sheet along with the information where you have to use the content.

Such cataloging helps you create your own database. Moreover, it comes in handy in inserting the sources for citations.

You can use different citation techniques in your text to insert the desired text.

There are APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard citation techniques to cite the content into your research papers.

Citations help you avoid plagiarism because they refer to the content from which you copy text.

 Moreover, it gives credibility to your research paper and denotes that you have well read the content related to your research.

Quote the copied text:

Quotations also help you remove plagiarism from your content. Quoting the text you have copied from someone else’s research paper also increases the argumentation of your content.

After all, you are referring to the published researches, you are actually acknowledging the original sources. That’s why quotations remove copied content from your text.

 Paraphrase your words:

Since you have to write a plagiarism-free paper, you can rephrase the words to get rid of plagiarism. After using the plagiarism checker to check the percentage of plagiarism in it.

If your paper contains plagiarism, you can remove it through paraphrasing techniques. Either you have to change the words manually through linguistics or you use a paraphrasing tool.

 A paraphraser is an online tool that changes words automatically. This technique also removes plagiarism from your content because the plagiarized text containing plagiarism gets changed.

Get guidance from your instructor:

In universities, each group of students gets an instructor, who usually is a professor and an experienced person in your research study.

Therefore, at the point where you feel stuck in your research, you should seek guidance from your supervisor.

Students who do not consult their instructor, remain unable to solve the issue, hence getting plagiarism in their research papers.

Supervisors have written many research papers throughout their careers. Therefore, they know how to resolve the issues and problems.

Final words:

Research papers are the best medium to increase your knowledge. In addition, they contribute to human success and prosperity. Scientists and researchers are busy discovering new things and inventing new tools.

Nonetheless, most students find it hard to conduct plagiarism-free research. They either lack the required knowledge or don’t take their research seriously.

That’s why they get strong repercussions for plagiarizing their work.

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