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Finding relevant free courses online isn't a piece of cake. A variety of training providers do not stand up to the learner's expectations. Simplilearn's SkillUp initiative brings to you high-quality free online courses in a range of categories like digital marketing, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data science, and software development. Sign up for a course of your choice and start learning.

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Cyber Security Free Courses:

Introduction to Cyber Security

This Cyber Security basics course helps you learn how to assess and manage security protocols in information processing systems and makes you aware of the present-day Cyber Security landscape. 


This introductory course on information security focuses on how to define the IT architecture and maintain a secure business environment. You’ll also prepare to pass the prestigious CISSP certification exam.


Learn how to govern and regulate enterprise IT architecture and implement an effective security audit with this Information Systems Auditor program. The course is aligned with the latest CISA exam curriculum.


Learn the information security governance frameworks and understand how to design, deploy, and manage an organization’s security architecture with this Information Security manager program.

CCSP-Certified Cloud Security Professional

Get the cloud security fundamentals right and counter threats to cloud storage infrastructure with this cloud security basics program. This course is for professionals who want to become cloud architects, administrators, or cloud computing analysts.

Data Science and Business Analytics Free Courses:

Introduction to Data Analytics

Learn about one of the most sought-after career domains with our data analytics for beginners course. You’ll explore the types of data, data visualization, and use of data analytics in different sectors in this course.

Data Science with R Programming

Become an industry-ready data scientist by mastering the basics of data science with this course. Understand how R is used in data science and focus on topics like regression analysis, clustering, and classification. 

Data Science with Python

Kick start your career in data science using Python with this comprehensive training course. Learn about natural language processing, web scraping, NumPy, SciPy, and data analysis through this data science basics program.

Business Analytics with Excel

Enhance your data-driven decision-making skills with this Introduction to Business Analytics course. Learn how Microsoft Excel is effectively used in business analytics. 

AI and Machine Learning Free Courses:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Gain a complete overview of AI concepts and workflows with this artificial intelligence basics program. It covers the fundamentals of machine learning and deep learning, along with specific use cases.

Machine Learning

Gain the foundational skills and become industry-ready for roles like machine learning engineer, AI engineer, and data scientist with this machine learning basics program.

Big Data Free Courses:

MongoDB Developer and Administrator

Learn to work with one of the most popular NoSQL databases, MongoDB, with this introductory course. You’ll learn how to manage large data and storage requirements with this MongoDB basics program.

Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer

This Spark and Hadoop basics course focuses on all the basic concepts of Hadoop and how multiple elements of the Hadoop ecosystem fit in the big data processing cycle.  

Software Development Free Courses:

Java Basics

Kickstart your career as a java developer through this comprehensive course on Java basics. Learn about Core Java 8 operators, arrays, loops, methods, and constructors, including JDBC and JUnit frameworks.

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Take this RPA basics program to gain a clear understanding of how to implement RPA in an enterprise and how RPA works through real-world case studies.

Salesforce Administrator & App Builder

Enhance your Salesforce basics knowledge and learn how to develop and manage apps for the leading CRM platform through this Salesforce training program. 

Salesforce Administrator

This in-depth Salesforce admin basics program helps you learn how to implement, configure, and manage both Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds.

Blockchain Developer

Learn about one of the most talked-about technologies these days, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with this blockchain basics program. 

Salesforce Platform App Builder

This Salesforce Developer program gives you a complete overview of how to build apps on the platform, set up security, and create workflow automation processes.  

Introduction to IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the emerging technologies these days. This IoT basics course focuses on its origin, impact, and how it integrates with current business applications to improve results.

Devops Free Courses:

DevOps Training

Understand complex concepts like continuous integration, continuous deployment, automation of configuration management, IT service agility, and inter-team collaboration with this DevOps basics program. 

GIT Training

Learn about one of the important DevOps source code management tools, Git, with Simplilearn’s comprehensive Git basics program. Set up Git in your system and learn its three-stage workflow. 

Project Management Free Courses:

Introduction to Project Management

Seeking a managerial position? Learn the project management fundamentals and upscale your career with Simplilearn’s Introduction to Project Management program.


Aspiring to become a project manager? Take this Introduction to CAPM program, explore the five process groups and 10 knowledge areas prescribed by PMI, and take your next career leap. 

Digital Marketing Free Courses:

Advanced Social Media Program

Are you a social media marketing enthusiast? Why not hone your skills with Simplilearn’s Advanced Social Media Program for beginners.

Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Program

Learn the basics of PPC  and advance your digital marketing career with Simplilearn’s Advanced pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program.

Digital Marketing for CXOs

This Digital marketing for entrepreneurs course is ideal for business owners who want to make informed decisions and build better online marketing strategies. 

Digital and Social Selling

Learn the proven methods of social selling with the help of CRM tools, sales intelligence & social engagement tools with Simplilearn’s digital and social selling program.

Digital Marketing 101

Take your first step in the field of digital marketing with this introductory course on digital marketing. Explore the potential of digital channels and achieve better engagement strategies with this course.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program

Seeking a full-stack SEO expert designation? Take Simplilearn’s SEO basics course and learn about content marketing, technical site optimization, data analytics, and HTML basics. 

Agile and Scrum Free Courses:

Agile Scrum Foundation

This EXIN-accredited Agile Scrum foundation course helps you learn the basics of Agile and Scrum and the various practices involved.

Agile Scrum Master

Learn how to deploy agile scrum project management strategies and maximize business value with Simplilearn’s Scrum Master Basics program.


Become a seasoned Agile professional and familiarize yourself with a range of Agile methodologies with this PMI-ACP® basics course.

Quality Management Free Courses:

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Designed in line with the IASSC™ exam, this Learn Six Sigma basics course helps you learn the lean and DMAIC methodology and equips you with the abilities required to facilitate enterprise growth.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Learn how to handle complex projects and implement Six Sigma methodologies with Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt basics course. 

Lean Management

Are you a quality manager willing to streamline the processes and drive the best value for your enterprise? Take this lean management course and get the basics right.

Business and Leadership Free Courses:

Digital Transformation Course for Leaders

Learn how to modernize IT and execute digital projects successfully with Simplilearn’s Digital Transformation for Leaders course.

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®)

Gain expertise in creating business solutions, effective planning, and advanced documentation with this CBAP program. 


Are you an aspiring business analyst? Take this CCBA basics course which is aligned with the standards of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) and prepare for the CCBA exam.

IT Service and Architecture Free Courses:

TOGAF® 9 Combined level 1 and level 2 training course

Aligned with The Open Group’s requirements, this TOGAF basics course helps you gain expertise in TOGAF foundation, structure, and concepts and prepare for its certification exam.

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