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Follow Masterly Tips for Writing an Impressive Essay and Get Good Grades!

Do you feel difficulty in writing a custom essay? Are you searching for some pro essay writing tips that will help you to write a perfect essay?

Many students dread essay writing because writing an essay is a daunting task that takes a lot of time, research, and concentration. Therefore, they avail the services of custom essay writing companies like Case Professors in order to get their essays done.

Essay writing experts have crafted seven essay writing tips that will completely change your writing process.

Writing an essay can be fun for you!

Most of the students are mediocre essay writers. However, when the topic and format is simple, they write a really good essay but mostly they get B grades when they are assigned a complex topic.

Essay writing may become boring to you because it is really hard to write a top-class essay.

Why do students get stuck with essay writing?

When it comes to writing a college essay, most students prefer to put it off. However, when their mentors insist them to tackle it, they find it hard to string sentences together that sounds like a flawless stance on the assigned topic.

The reasons behind this gruelling task are listed below:

  • You are trying to write according to the format of your mentor.

  • You are spending hours on social media.

  • You prefer to take an A+ grade instead of writing in an appropriate format.

  • You wish to do the least possible work.

Yet the biggest reason why writing an essay is so tiring is that you mostly concentrate on those rewards i.e. winning the mentor’s approval and avoiding plagiarism.

The problem here is that when you are concentrating on external approval, it not only makes writing less enjoyable but also makes it harder.

Why? When you are pursuing external approval, your subconscious condition is shut down and it is the only source of your writing creativity.

In simple words, when you are trying to write A+ worthy sentences, you are turning off your creative writing skills.

Therefore, stop trying to craft a perfect essay. Instead, try to write an interesting essay, an essay that seems fascinating to you. When you finish writing an essay, go back and proofread it until it is written as per your professor’s requirements.

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You need to follow all the guidelines and requirements in your essay. If your mentor asked you to write a four-paragraph essay, then write a four-paragraph essay only!

However, if you are assigned to write a special type of essay, like a research essay or argumentative essay, then you have to write that type of essay.

Step-by-step guidance to write a custom essay

Are you ready to get writing? You can read and apply these valuable tips to your writing for having fun while writing an essay that earns you a decent grade.

1. Your essay is just a story

All the stories are about change and conflict and it is fair to say that essays are also about change and conflict. However, the only difference between an essay and a story is that conflict lies between two different ideas in an essay and the change lies in the way we comprehend those ideas.

The prompt tells you what story you are telling. The list of essay prompts include different topics and exercises related to them. Characters are enclosed within those various prompts faced with distinct choices.

All you have to do is to work with those choices, conduct comprehensive research on them and analyze them in detail.

2. Before working on your essay, ask yourself, “How can I enjoy writing this essay?”

It is quite natural to feel dull when writing an academic essay. One of the most impressive tips about your subconscious is that it will respond to any question you ask yourself. 

Thus, whenever you are feeling dull and unmotivated, the pro tip here is that you should help to motivate yourself.

Your brain will automatically and immediately give you some effective strategies to make your essay writing more enjoyable.

The most appropriate time to have fun is writing the first draft because you are brainstorming the topic and discovering all the possible ways to reach it, therefore, the first draft is the most suitable place to get creative.

Here are two suggestions to make your writing process appealing:

  • Find the most surprising facts about your essay and write them as your hook statement.

  • In order to research standard topic keywords, use thesaurus. 

3. Ask yourself about the surprising factors of your topic

You should write your essay according to the demands of your mentor. Try to find the interesting and surprising facts about your topic.

However, if you do not find anything that surprises you, then you are not going in the right direction because subjects like literature, history, and science are full of surprises.

Surprising information makes the topic sentence appealing and attractive. Use these surprising facts and information to outline your essay and start your body paragraphs from each fact and information.

4. Craft five original sentences

Feeling overwhelmed? Write five unique and original sentences that cover all the main points of your essay.

These five sentences will cover all the five paragraphs of your essay i.e. introductory section, 3 body paragraphs, and the conclusion section. 

When you write all these five sentences, it is very simple for you to explain all these sentences one by one.

5. Begin writing with the body paragraphs first, then the introduction, and the conclusion at last

Usually, an introduction is the most difficult part to write because in this section you have to summarize your overall essay before you have even written it so far. 

Thus, try to write this paragraph last and give yourself the body paragraphs of the essay to figure out all the important points of your paper.

It is very important for that essay in which you are not interested in. Take maximum time to draft your body paragraphs before writing a captivating introduction paragraph.

6. Remember that the best essays answer the “How”

If you are struggling to make your argument or getting stuck to fulfil the required word count, then consider this question, “How?”

Writing an essay is like a dance. You are not allowed to stay only at a single place from start to end. 

So, give yourself room and freedom to write as if you are revolving around your topic instead of writing about a single argument.

Afterwards, when you proofread and edit your document, you can easily make sure that everything strings up accurately.

Keep one thing in mind that proofreading your document does not mean that it is only checking for spellings and commas.

Rather, it means that you have to make sure that your argument flows correctly from one place to the next.

7. Avoid using these words and phrases

  • You (This word is better for blog posts only. Instead you have to write your essay in the second person narration)

  • Some

  • Things

  • Verbs (am, is, are, was, were)

  • Clichés

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