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Hello, I'm Vasco Cavalheiro and I'm an online instructor at the Angular University.

Over the years I have helped over 100k developers to learn the Angular framework and its surrounding ecosystem of technologies.

Check out my Linkedin in the links section on the top right.

About the Angular University:

The Angular University aims to be the one place that you go in order to learn and keep up with the whole Angular ecosystem. We provide premium quality video tutorials, screencast style.

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in Angular, we have several courses for you.

More about me:

I'm a Software Developer with many years of experience, very seasoned building user interfaces with Angular. I've worked as a Frontend Developer/Architect in a large variety of enterprise projects throughout the years.   

I worked on a ton of projects, everything from single page applications to help build the European Criminal Record Information Exchange System, to brand new e-banking portals, to corporate banking portals, and more. I've been a key part of internal framework teams that built frameworks for in-house departments of tens of developers.

I also love to teach, write and talk about technology.  I am looking forward to be your Angular instructor,

Kind Regards,


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Angular for Beginners Course (includes FREE E-Book)


Angular for Beginners Course (includes FREE E-Book)