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Hossein Mirian

Maersk UK Senior Software Engineer, the Former University of Oxford Web Developer, and Researcher. I'm a tech enthusiast, passionate about building innovative solutions that create lasting impact. Love experimenting with graphic design and exploring the world of coding!

I started working when I was 18. First I got into graphic design and worked with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I did start my first programming by working on an Adobe Flash action script which we know is dead now! After revealing the mobile development industry I started working on Android development applications in different roles. At the same time, web development got my attention and I started working on web and technologies like Node JS, Vue, and React.

I like complex layout creation, love sharing my knowledge with all the people around the world, and enjoy communicating with people to make a more educated software engineering community. 

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How to Build Scalable Front End Applications with Vue JS


How to Build Scalable Front End Applications with Vue JS