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IDX Solutions is a hands on, intensive, bootcamp-style school designed to help you transform your interest in programming into a craftsman’s toolbox full of new skills. The school will push you to achieve more than you thought yourself capable of, while providing hands-on access to the skills needed to get a solid start in a web development career.

Each learning day builds on the last and you progress at your own pace within a community of like-minded students, who are just as motivated as you are. Using exercises, skill assessments, industry guest speakers and expert instruction to keep you challenged every day and on track to reach your goals. Our instructors will keep you on track, making sure you're getting the most out of each lesson.

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Git & Source control, Github, Code Reviews & Collaboration, API & Application Connections and a special emphasis on Pair Programming & other Problem Solving Techniques...

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HTML and CSS for Absolute Beginners


HTML and CSS for Absolute Beginners