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    Hi I'm Richard Hart 

    I have a passion, well … maybe a bit of an obsession when it comes to effective learning and teaching. 

    I've spent the last decade researching and engaging with learning from the perspective of a teacher, a student, an entrepreneur and a game/interactive developer. These experiences have given me a unique and powerful understanding how people learn and will continue to learn in the future. 

    I'm also a veteran instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, where I currently teach advanced technology courses. 

    When I"m not creating and teaching new courses on Udemy, I help show organizations both large and small how to effectively teach and learn by leveraging the latest research in technology and psychology. 

    I assist in the creation of effective online courses, training videos and tutorials and also help design and develop educationally focused interactive content and games for mobile devices. 

I look forward to seeing you in my courses.

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It’s Not Magic! It’s HTML5


It’s Not Magic! It’s HTML5