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Myself Valeed Mehmood, and I am working professional in a field of JavaScript.

I am leading JS department in one of the top Global VPN brand (PureVPN)

I am also a founder, and content creator at Ministry of JavaScript. This is a YouTube channel in which I have covered almost everything related to JavaScript. I am also in progress to upload the dynamic courses videos on React, TypeScript and NextJS. My aim is to share the knowledge I possess in a field of JavaScript for free of cost to you guys. I have a dream to build a community for a JavaScript developer where we all can share the knowledge for free of cost to help other, because I believe learning JavaScript can change our life.

If you want to master coding interviews in JS, then do subscribe to my channel. Channel link is listed on right side side in Youtube button of this page.

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Complete ExpressJS and MongoDB for Beginners in 2 hours


Complete ExpressJS and MongoDB for Beginners in 2 hours