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Jay Mayu (J Mayooresan) is a Software Engineer and a Digital Illustrator. He has been working on various projects based on WordPress since 2006. By late 2012 he realised that the mobile app industry is going to be the next big thing. Jay Mayu picked up Android and iOS development along with WordPress ever since.

Since then he has been providing services to people on Android Mobile app development, iOS Mobile app development and WordPress sites development (Which includes WordPress theme development, WordPress theme customisation)

Here in Udemy, Jay teaches you on how to get the maximum out of WordPress, Android and iOS. Above all how to make a living out of these 3 major platforms.

Beside everything, Jay Mayu loves helping people. If you need any clarification within the courses Jay teaches or even outside the scope of it, feel free to private message him or reach him via one of the social links given here.

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Bootstrap 4 crash course by building Single Page Website


Bootstrap 4 crash course by building Single Page Website