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I am an "eternal student", I started programming when I was just 10 years old and to this day I still learning new things every day.

Because of my passion for learning new things I developed a passion to teach as well, I start helping people at Stack Overflow where I am ranked as the top 5% Developer Help for Swift and top 10% Developer Help for iOS.

You will not see my name in many apps as I am the go-to guy to fix problems, I offer my work mainly as a contractor solving problems that the other professional cannot solve.

I start to develop software and give consultancy when I was 15 years old and never stop, today I want to help people. I read other people's codes every day, code produced by the professionals in the field and I can honestly say they are mostly JUNK, and I want you to be different.

One of my clients tries to use an Udemy iOS course to argue about some strategies he took in his code. After seeing so many WRONG explanations, so much BAD advice I decided to create my own courses. I watch over 15 top-rated courses at Udemy and took no time for me to before I decide to take action

My courses are created to make YOU the best in the field, I can guarantee that if you take my courses you will drop jaws and knocked socks off in interviews, companies are desperately looking for good developers and they will pay you over $100k/year for you to work for them.

But you have will have just one shot to impress, so make it the right one, learn right, learn it once, make money forever and be proud of your codebase. (Avangate)

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React - Build your React App fast using React Design System


React - Build your React App fast using React Design System