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Hey! My name is Hashmath Rizvi, I'm a Self Motivated Software Engineer with a passion for teaching and I am the Founder of Octacademy which is a successful web development Institute. I've been building websites and apps since 2010 and also have a Master's degree in CYBERSECURITY

It was in college where I first discovered my passion for teaching and helping others by sharing all I knew. And that passion brought me to Udemy where my students love the fact that I take the time to explain important concepts in a way that everyone can easily understand.

spend most of my time researching how to make learning to code fun and make hard concepts easy to understand. I apply everything I discover to my all courses. In my courses, I will always try to give my Best!

I'll be there for you every time ..

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Angular Fundamental Course for Absolute Beginners 2022


Angular Fundamental Course for Absolute Beginners 2022