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What is Freemote?

The Remote Developer Bootcamp.

The only Bootcamp that covers both FREELANCING, AND Getting a Full Time Job!

Freemote has a 4.9/5.0 star Student Rating on TrustPilot, and has a 300,000 subscriber YouTube channel.

The 7 Day Bootcamp here on Udemy is a great introduction to our project based teaching style!

If you want to go deeper and get paid for coding, check out our website.

Who is Aaron Jack?

Founder of FREEMOTE

A Software Developer who worked at Uber technologies in San Francisco, as a Full Stack Developer Level 2.

He has 5 Years of Experience programming, and has written industry-grade code in JavaScript, React, Python and Go as well as executed major software projects.

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7 HTML, CSS & JavaScript Challenges - In 7 Days


7 HTML, CSS & JavaScript Challenges - In 7 Days