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I'm Jimmy Tran- a Personal Development & Personal Branding Expert, Internet Marketer, Social Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. Through Udemy, I’m 100% committed to sharing my life and entrepreneur experienced to help you avoid the mistakes, failures to achieve lasting personal and business transformation.

What I can guarantee you in all my courses is that you’ll get actionable advice and learn techniques that you can implement immediately to get results. I cut all the nonsense out of my lessons and focus on steps by steps to give you result.

Who are you and what can you do for me, Jimmy Tran ?

I’m a Personal Development & Personal Branding expert, Internet Marketer, Social Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. I obsessed with Personal Development and Entrepreneurship since I was a little kid. From a young age, I believed everything is possible with a strong believe and consistent actions. Throughout my life, I have worked in a wide variety of businesses, from retail to E-commerce, and launched many entrepreneurial ventures. I experienced many up and down, trial error and test so many things out there to see what works. I struggle and learning the hard way to be successful. I didn’t have any business mentor or successful friends during that time to show me the blueprint for success in life and business. So, I have spent thousands of hour’s self-obsessed study hundreds of books in personal development, sales, marketing, leadership and attend countless hours of seminar & workshop and online courses.

I learn a lot of valuable lessons and skills that now I’m ready to share it with you through this Udemy. I strongly believe in the power of Giving. Caring . Transparent in my personal branding to help startup entrepreneurs. Let go out there everyday to Listen More. Learn More. Give More.

Why should I join your courses ?

If you are serious about taking your life and business skills to the next level. I’m here to show you actionable proven steps by steps to achieve your goal. Remember to achieive anything worthwhile in life, you must willing to put in the work and commitment.

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Wordpress Website Mastery 2017


Wordpress Website Mastery 2017