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Hi, I am Dev Nirwal. I am an engineer by profession in electronics and communication and along with that I also possessed strong skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, and Robotics.

I have been fascinated with Robotics since the age of 12 and my journey started from there. After that, I kept on learning and growing in this field. During this journey, I had done vast research and created some breakthrough projects on energy, acoustic, communication, optic fiber, and LIFI technology.

I ever wanted to bestow my expertise and skills with the world. Udemy gave me the freedom to share my expertise with learners all around the world.

I have designed one of Udemy best-seller courses in the programming segment which also became one of the fastest-selling python courses over the internet. By now I have helped more than 4 lakh learners in their coding journey and encouraged them on their developer journey.

Connecting to the learners all around the world gives me immense happiness and boost to work even harder each day and create more potent, practical, and research-backed technology programs that can help learners shape their future and grow it 2x faster.

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Web development Learn Html in 2 hours with certification


Web development Learn Html in 2 hours with certification