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I'm a solution architect and web developer with a background in Marketing.
I was always passionate about web so after college I immediately started working in Digital Marketing as a freelancer. I had to opportunity to gain skills in data analysis, SEO, social media, graphic design, branding and many more.

I soon realised that I need to learn more about web in order to master digital marketing. That's how I got to love Web Development and now my purpose is to build the bridge between Marketing and Web Development.

I'm currently working as a Solution Architect, and I notice everyday how smart, experienced marketeers and managers are not even familiar with basic concepts about web, so it makes it very hard for them to understand the complexity of an implementation.

Having a background in marketing and the experience in web development, I'm planning to bring these 2 worlds closer to each other and share my knowledge with as many people who have contact with the web.

Internet is here to stay and we should all invest more time in understanding how web works.

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Learn the basics of Web Development, HTML, CSS and more


Learn the basics of Web Development, HTML, CSS and more