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Hi, My name's Akram , I’m a web developer.

I've been developing websites for long time, the story began when I had an idea to start online business , in that time I did not have any idea about how to create a website, so I start to looking for a freelancer to build for me a website , when I found one , the price was 10,000 usd for that site, even though it was not that complicated, so I missed a chance just because I didn't know how to do it by myself, since then, I dedicated most of my time to learn so I can implement any idea that comes to my mind, if I fail I won't be losing 10k , at least.

learning PHP have helped me to understand more programming language.

I've built and developed many websites and applications for companies

after that I started learning graphic design , digital marketing and android programming . 

So I decided to teach what I've learnt the hard way over years in  simplest way possible..

My goal is to help as many student as possible.

to learn new skills will open new doors for you like it did for me.


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Build CRUD Application - PHP & Mysql


Build CRUD Application - PHP & Mysql