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My professional career spans 15 years working on varied technologies building web based software solutions for big companies like State Farm Insurance, CarMax etc.. or new and upcoming startups.

Being a Javascript enthusiast, I have worked on cutting edge non native mobile applications, and done a lot of client side work using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Javascript is the most versatile and fun language in my opinion.  AngularJS and NodeJS are the two most interesting Frameworks to me, but new frameworks come out every day and I like to play around with them and constantly learn and evolve my skills.

When not working at client locations, I get involved with side projects wherever there is an opportunity to code. I have worked with upcoming startups giving guidance and recommendations and architecting solutions or writing code for them.

I am also part of the Toptal network which boasts of employing only the top 3% of Engineers.

Web Technologies aside, coming up with complex algorithms or solving difficult problems excite me. One of my side projects "IBModeler" was featured in a prominent gaming magazine "3D World". I had spent years creating a software to create 3d models from photos which they decided to showcase.

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MEAN Stack For Web Developers: Build Websites on Javascript


MEAN Stack For Web Developers: Build Websites on Javascript